BILLIONAIR for Content Creators

Growing community of experienced and unsophisticated 360 video producers

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How It Works

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    Join 360Creators family

    Send us anything about you. We give you our tailored feedback on what to start from. It can depend on your current location and internet quality or the type of equipment you use or plan to use as well as your storyteller experience. If you don't have enough experience in streaming or shooting - don't worry. We will provide you manuals and BILLIONAIR Broadcaster Kir (BBK).

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    Announce your 360 live stream

    Once approved by the community, you can start your performance immediately. To get more viewers on your stream, make sure you have announced it to our platform subscribers. You also could invite your subscribers from any social networks, feel as comfortable as possible and share your content with your old friends.

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    Stream what you like and enjoy interaction

    Check all equipment and enjoy your creator's journey. Stream and talk to your audience. Be yourself and give your viewers as much as you can. Believe it or no, they will get back to you next time.

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    Do what you love and get paid

    This is how we help you monetize your skills and creativity. Subscribers can send you donations before, during, and after your stream sessions. Now everything depends on you. If people like your streams, they highly likely send you donations. Be consistent, and you will gain your own audience

    Forbes billionaires

Lack of the ability to share and monetize high-quality 360 content.

That's the problem of “Content Creators”.

360-degree content, especially 360-degree travel content, is getting a wide distribution solution. Creators now can monetize it and become the next broadcast superstars.

By building communities of followers and engaging them in fully immersive real-time tours, creators can generate income from donations, advertising, and product placement. The BILLIONAIR platform shares all income with the Creator based on the best terms they could ever meet. We believe our referral programs make additional sense for Creators joining BILLIONAIR.

More Fans Together

Our creators live in different countries and BILLIONIAR is the place which unite them. They can share their streams and learn more from each other. As well as collaborate making multi 360 cam streams. They follow their dreams and provide the best quality 360 content to unlimited audience.

I'm the Next 360 Live Streaming Superstar!

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Watching 360 live streams makes me feel like I'm really traveling again and again!

"Tired of staying at home, I've decided to create BILLIONAIR. I was tired of old and poor 360 video content I could find on YouTube. I knew I'm not alone in this feeling. Travel emotions are similar to the feeling of freedom. And BILLIONS of us need this feeling every single day. Now it becomes possible."


founder & CEO
Runs on Unicorn Platform